Externally Affiliated Institutions

Mercer University is in agreement with several externally affiliated institutions for conducting medical research involving human subjects. The Reliance Agreements typically recognized by our closest externally affiliated institutions are summarized below. Follow the links to each collaborative institution or select them from the navigation bar for more information on conducting joint protocol research with Mercer University and these outside institutions.


Navicent Health (Macon) requires the completion of the Navicent Health joint protocol application

Piedmont Health (Atlanta) requires an IAA and the completion of their institution’s joint protocol application

Memorial Health University Medical Center (Savannah) requires an IIA and recognizes the Mercer protocol application

Emory and Grady Memorial Hospital (Atlanta) requires an IIA and their institution’s protocol application

Coliseum Medical Centers (Macon) - coming soon.


For information on conducting collaborative research with other external institutions, please contact

Ava Chambliss-Richardson, Ph.D., CIP, CIM

Associate Director of Human Research Protection Programs (HRPP)

Email: ORC_Research@Mercer.edu

Phone: (478) 301-4101

Fax: (478) 301-2329