Coliseum Medical Centers

The Coliseum Medical Centers, along with Coliseum Northside Hospital, form the Coliseum Health System - a two-hospital system located in Macon, Georgia. In 2016, the Coliseum Medical Centers announced the launch of their Graduate Medical Education (GME) training programs which provide medical school graduates with quality residency and fellowship opportunities. In partnership with Coliseum Medical Centers, Mercer University's School of Medicine is providing faculty support, simulation support, medical libraries, and ample new research opportunities (read more about Coliseum Medical Centers becoming a Teaching Hospital or Coliseum Graduate Medical Education).

Coliseum Health Systems Collaborative Research

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) exists between Coliseum Medical Centers and Mercer University with Mercer University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) acting as the IRB of record. The appropriate departmental officials from both the Coliseum and Mercer University must approve and sign the protocol application. The application will then follow the standard review route specific to its review type through Mercer University's IRB. Mercer University will assume the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the terms of the university's OHRP-approved FWA.

Mercer University's FWA-00000133 Mercer FWA - Search by "Mercer U"

Mercer University faculty, staff, or students, and Coliseum faculty or staff members who wish to conduct research involving Coliseum patients or facilities must complete and submit the appropriate Mercer University protocol application and forms. The Office of Research Compliance will forward the application to Coliseum Medical Centers. Investigators may obtain the proper forms and applications from our website or by contacting the ORC. Once the applicaiton has been approved by the IRB, you will be notified that your human subject research may begin.


Note for Quality Improvement (QI) Studies:
If you are conducting a QI study involving Coliseum patients or facilities, you must also submit a completed Coliseum QI study application signed by the appropriate departmental officials - Coliseum QI study eForm coming soon.


Submit all completed protocol forms to:

Ava Chambliss-Richardson, Ph.D., CIP, CIM

Director of Research Compliance


Phone: (478) 301-4101

Fax: (478) 301-2329

Coliseum Medical Centers Contact Person

Tanya Martinez

Administrative Director of Medical Education


Phone: (478) 751-0181