Memorial Health University Medical Center

Memorial Health serves as a teaching hospital for Mercer University School of Medicine. Approximately one-third of the junior and senior classes is based in Savannah and completes their entire clinical curriculum at the Savannah campus. Memorial Health remains the sponsoring institution for the residency program officially called the "Mercer University School of Medicine (Savannah) Program.” For information on Memorial Health Medical Education Research, visit the Memorial Health Medical Research web page.

Memorial Health Collaborative Research

An Individual Investigator Agreement (IIA) is required for an assured institution to extend, for one or more research protocols, the applicability of its Federal Wide Assurance (FWA) to cover either collaborating independent investigators or collaborating institutional investigators engaged in the collaborative research between Mercer University and Memorial Health University Medical Center. The assured institution must maintain the IIA on file and provide copies to the OHRP upon request.

Mercer University's FWA-00000133 Mercer FWA – Search by “Mercer U"

The Memorial Health University Medical Center of Savannah recognizes the Mercer University protocol application for conducting joint protocol research between the two institutions.

For more information regarding the Memorial Health research application process, please contact

Ava Chambliss-Richardson, Ph.D., CIP, CIM

Associate Director of Human Research Protection Programs (HRPP)


Phone: (478) 301-4101

Fax: (478) 301-2329