Amendments and Modifications

IRB Requests for Modification

Periodically, investigators make changes to their research that is different from the original protocol approved by the Committee. Use this modification form for example: amendments, advertisements, consent form changes, new procedures, new survey tool, addition/deletion of an investigator, or addition/deletion of site.


Protocol amendment/revision submissions for IRB review MUST include both clean AND revised versions (with changes tracked/highlighted) of any modified documents. If the protocol amendment includes revisions to an informed consent document, revised consent forms are mandatory.


IACUC Requests for Modification

Use the modification form to obtain approval for any significant changes to an approved study protocol involving animal subjects. Please refer to OLAW guidance as to what constitutes a significant change to an approved protocol.

Use the personnel amendment form below for changes in the research personnel of an approved study protocol involving animal subjects.

Please submit all forms in Microsoft Word format - Do NOT convert to PDF