Annual Renewals


Completion of CITI Refresher Courses is required once every three years for all personnel listed on approved continuing research protocols.

IRB Continuing Review Application for Previously Approved Projects

According to federal regulations, annual review of research is necessary. Courtesy reminder letters are sent to investigators sixty (60) or thirty (30) days prior to the expiration date of the approval period. The "courtesy reminder" does not take the place of the investigator's responsibility to ensure that their research project remains in compliance.

If the IRB does not receive a continuing review form before the protocol expiration date, the study will terminated. Once a study has expired or closed, all research activity involving human subject participation must cease.

To apply for the annual renewal of a previously approved project, complete and submit the appropriate form below. If you do not wish to continue your study, go to Study Closures and Withdrawal to download a final report form. To continue analyzing your collected data with NO continuing human subject participation, a New Protocol Application must be submitted for review.

IACUC Continuing Review Application for Previously Approved Projects

To continue a previously approved project, use the IACUC protocol application below. Please submit this form in Microsoft Word format - Do NOT convert to PDF