Permissions and Requests

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IRB Research Requests

The following research forms must be used to obtain required permissions for conducting human subject research from institution administrators.

Research Request for Use of Student Records

A complete research request for use of student records must be signed and submitted with a protocol application for human subject research involving the use of student information.

Any non-Mercer affiliated investigator seeking student information (including emails) MUST complete this form to be submitted with the initial protocol application and forwarded to the registrar’s office upon faculty sponsor approval.

School Research Request

A complete school research request form must be signed and submitted with a protocol application by Principal Investigators seeking to use schools as sites for conducting human subject research.

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Other IRB Research Requests

Conducting human subject research involving external facilities such as schools and businesses as research sites or using the information of human subjects associated with these locations requires documented permission signed by the appropriate administration.

For information on research request and permission requirements, contact the Office of Research Compliance.

IACUC Animal Housing Request

Submit the Request for Non-Designated Satellite Animal Facility Housing for animals that will be house outside of an approved animal facility for a time period exceeding that of 12 consecutive hours.

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