Reporting Results

When reporting results, the validity of your findings is highly dependent on the quality of your research. For online survey research, the web-survey methodology used during data collection is critical for determining whether or not your results are valid or useful.

To ensure the quality and validity of online survey results, the Checklist for Reporting Results of Internet E-Surveys (CHERRIES) was formulated as a basic guideline for investigators reporting results of web-based surveys.

Compliance requirements may vary between journals. If you plan to publish your results, check the methodology requirements of the journal to which you plan to submit your results.

CHERRIES Compliance in the ORC

The standard settings used to design surveys and create live links are NOT fully CHERRIES compliant. The SurveyMonkey services provided by Mercer University are not strictly limited to online survey research and some CHERRIES checklist items are only enabled upon request.

The following CHERRIES checklist items are directly affected by SurveyMonkey settings:

  • Randomization of items or questionnaires – available upon request
  • Review step – “response editing” disabled (respondents cannot edit answers after leaving a survey page)
  • IP check – “anonymous responses” enabled (IP addresses do not appear in results)
  • Log file analysis – “multiple responses” enabled (single device can be used multiple times); disabled upon request

If you have questions regarding your survey design, the SurveyMonkey settings used to create your survey, or the CHERRIES compliance of your online survey, please contact