Mercer Protocol Forms and Applications


Our forms are being updated to reflect changes to the 2018 Revised Common Rule.
Effective January 21, 2019 the Mercer University Office of Research Compliance will no longer accept previous versions of the protocol forms and applications available on this website.
After January 21, 2019: if the version (ver.) or revision (rev.) date on your protocol application is dated earlier than January 2017, your application will be rejected.

Please download and complete ALL forms appropriate for the nature of your research:

These links can also be accessed through our site's navigation menu

Not sure what forms to fill out?

View the IRB review requirements for conducting Minimal Risk Research or Greater than Minimal Risk Research. If you are conducitng Joint Protocol Research, view the requirements for our Externally Affiliated Institutions.

For information on IACUC review requirements, review the IACUC Submission Process.

How to complete the Mercer protocol forms and applications:

  • Use the navigation menu or the links above to locate the forms required for your study
  • Download ALL documents appropriate to your type of research
  • TYPE the information as instructed by the text prompts that are displayed in the input fields; the text prompts will disappear once you start typing (IRB Forms) - The IRB will reject applications that are not typed.
  • Ensure all necessary information is entered and no fields are missed by using the tab key to navigate the document and select the next fillable field (IRB Forms)
  • Remember that all correspondence regarding your protocol will be sent to the email address entered for the Principal Investigator
  • Always include the assigned H#, the faculty advisor’s last name and the last name of the Principal Investigator (or as much of this information as applicable) when electronically submitting forms and applications or sending any email regarding a submitted protocol.

The fillable text fields and dropdown menus available in the Windows forms require access to Microsoft Word 2010 or higher (these forms can also be completed using a Microsoft OneDrive account). If you do not have access to this software, Mac-friendly versions are available upon request.

The Office of Research Compliance formally accepts protocol applications once they are determined to be complete.

The Mercer University IRB and IACUC will NOT review a protocol application until ALL persons conducting research involving human or animal subjects have completed the necessary CITI training requirements.

Submission Information:

For IRB Review:

Review the application requirements for Minimal Risk Review Research, Greater than Minimal Risk Review Research (Clinical Trials), and Joint Protocol Research.

Any non-Mercer affiliated investigators (faculty or students) seeking to conduct research involving Mercer University students, faculty, or staff MUST have a Mercer Faculty Member serving as the Faculty Sponsor of the project.

Mercer FWA Number – FWA 00000133

Mercer IRB Registration Number – IRB 00000910


Electronically Submit Mercer IRB Forms to: (Attention: Dr. Ava Chambliss-Richardson)

Submit Signed Originals through Campus Mail to:

Attention: Dr. Ava Chambliss-Richardson

Director of Research Compliance

Office of Research Compliance

1501 Mercer University Drive

Macon, GA 31207

Or Fax Applications to: 1-478-301-2329

For IACUC Review:

Before submitting an IACUC Protocol Application, please review the Protocol Submission Process for information about IACUC review requirements.

Please be advised that any investigator, with an animal protocol, can have their protocol previewed by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) member or a Veterinarian. If you wish to have a preview of your protocol, please contact Dr. Roger Broderson, the IACUC Chair at or by phone at (478) 301-4101.

Effective October 1, 2015, animal studies funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) will be included in Mercer University's noncompliance report to OLAW.

Mercer Animal Assurance Number – A3725-01

SEND COMPLETED IACUC FORMS TO: Attention – Ms. Ajuania White


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