All Mercer Protocol Forms


  • TYPE all information - The IRB will reject applications that are not typed.
  • For processing purposes, Microsoft Word documents MUST be submitted in Microsoft Word format - do NOT convert to PDF.
  • Fillable text fields and dropdown menus available in some of the following forms require access to Microsoft Word 2010 or higher (or a Microsoft OneDrive account). If you are unable to access this software, Mac-friendly versions are available upon request.

Informational Items

Please submit informational items for IRB review using a Clinical Trial Modification Application (Microsoft Word).

IRB FDA 1572 (Adobe PDF)

IRB Statement for Payments to Human Subject Participants (Microsoft Word) - Note: This form is already included in the Clinical Trial Informed Consent Document.

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Study Closure or Withdrawal

If your study involved one or more online surveys created through the ORC's SurveyMonkey services, please remember to email and request the closure of any surveys associated with your application.

IRB Faculty Minimal Risk Research Final Report (Microsoft Word)

IRB Student Minimal Risk Research Final Report (Microsoft Word)

IRB Clinical Trial Final Report (Microsoft Word)

IACUC Protocol Closure Report (Microsoft Word)