Institutional Animal Care and Use

The Office of Research Compliance processes protocols, protocol amendments, and standard operating procedures and policies for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The IACUC has oversight of the animal care and use program with respect to compliance with laws and policy in the responsibility for the care of animals. The Animal Welfare Act, other federal regulations, and the Public Health Service policy federally mandate the responsibilities of the IACUC.

About our Program

The Animal Care and Use Program at Mercer University is a university-wide program. It is comprised of multiple components, which cover animal housing and care, veterinary medical care, facilities management, training, and occupational health. Federal regulations and Mercer University Policy require that there must be a review and approval of all activities involving the use of animals (e.g., research, testing, or teaching) by the IACUC.

Animals that are used in research and teaching at Mercer University are covered by our Animal Care and Use Program. The design of Mercer University’s program assures compliance with the Animal Welfare Act regulations and Public Health Service (PHS) Policy. Mercer University has an approved PHS Assurance that describes the conduct of our animal care and use program.

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