SurveyMonkey Services

The Office of Research Compliance has coordinated, with Mercer University’s Website Department, a process for investigators to conduct human subject online survey research with the Survey Monkey software. SurveyMonkey is free for all Mercer University faculty and students who wish to set up a web-based survey for research, review, analysis, and evaluation.

To conduct a survey, the investigator must indicate on their submitted IRB application that their study involves the use of online surveys and specify whether or not they will be taking advantage of our free SurveyMonkey services.

In addition to the IRB application, the investigator must submit the following forms for IRB review and approval when requesting a new online survey:

  • Recruitment Email
  • Informed Web Consent
  • Survey Questions or Data Collection Instrument in MICROSOFT WORD format

Please direct all survey requests and questions regarding our online survey services to and allow up to two weeks for the review and creation of your online survey.

Any human subject online survey set up request sent directly to the Website Department will be returned to the sender.

New Survey Requests and Setup

Once a study has been assigned a protocol number and approved by the IRB, the Principal Investigator will receive a formal approval letter via email from the ORC. An approval stamp displaying the study start and end date will also be added to the investigator’s informed web consent and recruitment email.

To submit a new survey request, the principal investigator must send an email to with the following information enclosed or attached:

  • Stamped Web Consent (in Microsoft Word format)

  • Survey Questions (in Microsoft Word format)

  • Additional information regarding the setup and distribution of the survey

Using Qualtrics for Online Surveys

If you are constructing a survey using Mercer’s Qualtrics resources, please use the following link to find the informed consent template to be used at the beginning of your survey. When using this template, please make a copy of it and insert the information specific to your study in the designated fields. If you have any questions about using Qualtrics or the informed consent template provided, please email . Our staff would be happy to assist you in making sure that your survey meets the needs of your online research study.

Informed Consent Template Link:

Stamped Web Consent

The Stamped Web Consent is your survey’s informed consent document that has been reviewed by the IRB and given an approval stamp which displays the start and end dates of your one year approval period. The web consent should contain ALL information specified in the downloadable template available on the Informed Consents page. Do not alter or omit the information specified in the, “Questions about your rights as a research participant” paragraph at the end of the document. If you are requesting multiple surveys that each require a separate web consent, you MUST specify which document is associated with which survey questions.

The information provided on your web consent document will appear at the beginning of your online survey. As with all informed consent documents, the language used should be non-technical and clearly understandable to subjects. After the web consent, all SurveyMonkey surveys created by the ORC begin with a question that asks participants whether or not they agree to participate. If a respondent does not agree to participate, SurveyMonkey will end the survey. Respondents who do agree to participate will advance to the start of your survey questions.

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Survey Questions

The ORC must receive an electronic file of your survey questions in Microsoft Word format. In addition to the questions, this document should also contain specific formatting information regarding the design and layout of your survey. While the staff member creating your survey will typically follow the format of your survey question document, any section breaks or section titles should be clearly identified. Each question type should also be specified along with desired response formats (multiple choice single answer, multiple choice multiple answers, comment box, rating scale, etc.), possible answer choices, and any follow up questions.

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Additional Information

Additional Information regarding the setup and distribution of your survey should also be communicated in your survey request. This type of information typically includes anything that could have an effect on the collection of your data such as the use of one survey distributed as a pre- survey and again on a later date as a post- survey for which you require separately collected results.


For questions related to the SurveyMonkey software or any technical difficulties experienced while using it, please contact Our staff will be happy to assist you in making sure that your survey best meets the needs of your online research study.


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Survey Previews and Revision Requests

Before activation of the survey, the investigator will receive a preview link to review the survey design, layout, and informed consent. The investigator must inform the ORC within three (3) days of receiving the preview link whether they would like to approve, disapprove, or request revisions of the online survey.

If the investigator wishes to add more survey questions or make significant changes to any of the approved questions or the informed consent, a Request for Modification Form must be submitted and approved by the IRB before the online survey is revised.

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Collecting Responses

After being approved by the investigator, the survey goes live and the investigator will receive a live link and results link for the active survey. The investigator will send the live link to recruited participants and any responses using this link will be recorded by the active web collector. The results link allows investigators to view these collected results but the data cannot be manipulated from here.

Once the investigator is satisfied with resulting data, the investigator sends an email to requesting the downloaded exports of the collected data in any of the following formats: SPSS, Microsoft PPT, Microsoft XLS, Microsoft XLS+, PDF, or Microsoft CSV.

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Closing Surveys

When you have finished collecting results and are ready to close your survey, please send an email to requesting the closure of your online survey and web collector.

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