Required Training

CITI Training

ALL investigators responsible for conducting research involving human or animal subjects (any PIs and CO-PIs listed on the protocol application) MUST complete CITI training and submit copies of their individual completion certificates to the Office of Research Compliance.

Upon completion of CITI training, the Office of Research Compliance automatically receives a copy of the certificate but users may return to the course site to obtain a copy of the certificate.

CITI Training is valid for three years. After CITI certification has expired, refresher courses must be taken to continue conducting human subject research through Mercer University.


HIPAA Training

Any research personnel who will use or have access to protected health information during the course of their human subject research must complete HIPAA training. A copy of the completion certificate may be included with an IRB application if applicable.

HIPAA requirements are necessary if you are conducting research from active or inactive medical records.